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What You’ll Need! Resistance Band! If you only have a fabric band at home, that’s OK! Those are great for leg day! Try to find one like I’m showing in the video, these are great for all workouts! Lighter weights, heavier dumbbells, you may want both! If you have a bar too, Awesome! A step, plyo box or chair. A jump rope. A mat. Keep an eye out for a weighted ball and battle rope for future workouts!

August Class Schedule Updated July 24, 2019

Classes are High Energy, total body workouts that change Daily! You will leave feeling like you’ve worked every muscle you have! We incorporate Plyometrics, core-balancing movements, double-triple body combination movements, some pilates, lots of cardio. Low weight, high rep, but you will always go at your own pace! I time everything! You are only pushed to YOUR own limit!

Cardio Kickboxing

High energy cardio kickboxing class is a mix of kickboxing and circuit training, using punching and kicking combinations, with an assortment of jabs, upper cuts and several different jump rope techniques! Always good music while enjoying the sweat and feeling the burn!