July, 2013 Summer Challenge

If you took advantage of our Summer Challenge, here is what it entails.

You must Keep a Daily Journal of your 6 Week Journey. You must start your journal from that day with a detailed description of your Health, Workout & Nutritional Goals. At the end of the 6 weeks, whomever completes their 6 week Journey JOURNAL commitment, may Renew at that Same Deal *6 weeks for $80. (The Renewal must be taken advantage of within one week from when the 6 weeks expire.)

With Your Approval and Permission, I’d Love to FEATURE Ladies, Weekly, who are following through with their commitments to Help motivate one another!!! And, Of Course Feature those of you at the End who have Completed the 6 week Journey!!!

We ALL need that Extra PUSH through the Summer time, So, Here it IS!!!!

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